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Our goal is to help entrepreneurs be ready to launch their business or carry out planned financial operations. We ensure that you can focus on value creation while we prepare the necessary documentation and support you in your research. If each situation is unique, we work as follows:

Step 1: Discussion and meeting to understand and evaluate your needs;

Step 2: Review of your existing documents and follow-up discussion to clarify details and define the scope of services;

Step 3: Production of documents and review by you to refine the documents;

Step 4: Assistance with all the services requested.

Why be accompanied?

Set up a company

It is important to choose the right legal structure before starting. After an audit of your activity, we propose the most appropriate structure for your activity and review your shareholder agreement so that relations with your partners are well defined. Thanks to our network of lawyers, we can assist you in complex operations and save you time.


Business angels and investment funds receive dozens of business plans per day. Attracting their attention with relevant documentation is essential to convince them.
The pitch deck, the business plan and relevant financial projections are the essential documents for this. Our team has the right financing experience to help you achieve them. With Advimotion, focus on your business, we take care of finding you investors.

Transfer of business

Identifying the right buyers for a company is a long-term and time-consuming task. In addition, good preparation is essential to make an attractive and realistic offer, and the teaser and memorandum information materialize this preparation. Advimotion’s team has the right business transfer experience to support you in this type of transaction. With Advimotion, focus on your business, we do the rest.

Our commitment

A tailor-made service: We establish a personalized and quality follow-up in order to provide the services most adapted to your needs.

Your satisfaction as a priority: At the end of the document production process, minor updates can be made free of charge for several months to keep your documentation up to date. Our financial forecasts are designed as “dashboards” that you can adapt according to the evolution of your business.