Set up a company

We provide you with several services to launch your activity according to your needs.

Business Plan

Your roadmap to get started.

Legal and administrative

Articles of association, shareholders' agreement and registration of your company.

Business plan

We prepare your “roadmap” to assess the viability of your project and anticipate the business and legal issues you may encounter. 

Business plan

20 to 50 pages document presenting your project in a global way: market study, business model, team presentation, financial forecasts, etc.

Financial forecasting

Models and projections to assess the viability and potential of the project: income statement, cash flow statement and forecast balance sheet.

Pricing: Fixed fee on request.

Legal & Administrative

Are you ready to go for it? We support you in the legal and administrative procedures. We create your company from A to Z. In partnership with our network of law firms, we review and adapt your articles of association and shareholders’ agreement to your needs. We also take care of the registration of your company and all legal formalities.

Pricing: Fixed fee on request.

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