Transfer of business

The transfer of a business is a major act in the life of an entrepreneur. This ends a story and marks the starting point of a new phase. Our team brings you its expertise to ensure that the process is carried out under optimal conditions.

Transfer of business

In accordance with the seller’s objectives and market realities, we prepare the company’s sales file. This includes the teaser (anonymous document summarising the operation) and the information memorandum (the detailed presentation file of the company). We value the company by using several methods while taking into account the expectations of sellers and the appetite of potential buyers. It is also necessary to organise the transfer of power and to organise information systems internally.

We identify potential buyers through extensive sector research and buyer identification. We approach the purchasers to present the proposed sale to them first by sending the teaser, then, for the managers of companies interested in the file, send it the detailed file after signing a confidentiality agreement.

After receiving letters of intent from purchasers who wish to formalize their desire to acquire, we enter the negotiation phase. The buyer will be chosen from the one who has submitted the best proposal. The role of the external council here is to facilitate exchanges and ensure the sustainability of the negotiations.

We assist the sellers during the audit phase and in the drafting of the legal document and coordinate the operation with the various advisors.

Once the conditions precedent have been lifted, the final sales protocol can be signed and the securities transferred.

Pricing: (i) Fixed fee determined according to the sector and size of the company and (ii) variable fee (success fee) decreasing according to the company’s selling price.

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